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Avoid Common Data Risks with iCloud

Enabled by default, iCloud Drive is turned on when you sign in to your personal iCloud account on your company work device, resulting in Insider Risk when company data is copied to your personal iCloud account.

Code42 Instructor helps employees understand the adverse effects to data when company policies are not correctly followed. With proactive training videos, security teams can educate employees, change user behavior and get ahead of Insider Risk.

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Make every member of your organization a part of your security team

Proactive Insider Risk lessons are compliance-focused and cultural minded meaning they are designed to empower every member of your organization to do the right thing and are SCORM ready to plug and play into any security awareness and training program.

Instructor Proactive Lessons Include:
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New Insider Risk Management Notifications
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Provisional Use Lessons for Google and OneDrive
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How to Avoid Common Data Risks
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How Employees Can Keep Company Data Safe

Pair Instructor with Incydr

Contact us to learn more about how to use Instructor as a key response control with Incydr in order to provide just-in-time user training.

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Insider Risk Education for When and Where It’s Needed

Code42 Instructor™ is employee education tailor-made to provide the right training to the right user at the right time, based on their behavior.

Add Instructor lessons directly into your learning management system to scale-up your current awareness training program or integrate them into your incident response process to assign education as needed, based on user activity.

Benefits of Instructor
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Promote and ensure data use policy compliance

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Enable and empower a more risk-aware workforce

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Reduce accidental & negligent employee data leaks

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Measure, report and improve organization-wide Insider Risk posture

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Learn more about Insider Risk Reduction Training to help reduce Insider Risks proactively and responsively.

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