On Demand Webinar Series

Insider Threat Response: A case study series highlighting how security teams expose insider risk

Check out this customer-exclusive webinar series to hear how real security teams expose insider risk in their organization. In 30 minutes or less, learn about risk triggers that could indicate data exfiltration, and how to respond with contextual, real-time decisions. You won’t want to miss this.

Topic #1: Learn how security teams mitigate data exfiltration by departing employees

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Presenters: Nathan Hunstad, Principal Security Researcher and Engineer at Code42 and Cory Ranschau, Senior Manager, Information Security at Code42

At a time when employee off-boarding is completely digital, security and IT teams are on the hook to mitigate data exfiltration. Join us for this hands-on webinar as the Code42 security team walks to you through a real-world scenario of how we apply our own security stack to protect our data.

You’ll walk away with:
  • A new and simplified way to present and understand risk factors to your business
  • Understanding the risk triggers that could indicate ongoing data exfiltration
  • A real-world example of how security teams can prevent data exfiltration in as little as 3 clicks

Topic #2: How security turns user data into powerful insights around high-risk users and remote workers

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Presenters: Michelle Killian, Director of Information Security at Code42 and Riley Bruce, Technical Product Marketing Manager at Code42

With almost 100% of the workforce being remote today, what line of sight does security have into what’s leaving the company when users are off-network and off-VPN? Join Code42 security experts as they guide you through workflow “lenses” that allow you to pin-point high-risk and remote users.

You’ll gain a deeper understanding into:
  • Data insights (from user file behaviors) that allow you to drill into specific risk vectors
  • How the High-Risk and Remote Employee lens equip you to make contextual and real-time decisions
  • Response measures via Code42 integrations

Topic #3: Customer Case Study: How MACOM mitigated data exfiltration before it was too late

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Presenters: David Chiang, IT Systems Engineer at MACOM

MACOM is truly a great place to work. But, like every company, the unavoidable reality is that people leave. And, like every company, we’re faced with the challenge of making sure our trade secrets — in our case, highly proprietary semi-conductor designs and CAD drawings — don’t leave with them. I am part of a small security team, and we are tasked with overseeing around 1,000 employees spread across 50 sites worldwide. Today, I’d like to share how we’re using Code42 to tackle the challenge of data loss from departing employees — protecting our most valuable files and protecting our business. This is my story!

We will cover:
  • How to build an insider threat workflow from scratch
  • A hands-on deep dive on how I am unlocking Code42 value
  • How to spot inside risk to sensitive data and speed response time