Meet us at Black Hat to learn how to stop data loss from insiders.

August 9-10 | Las Vegas | Booth #2340

Stop Data Loss from Insiders

Meet with a Data Loss Advisor at the Code42 booth to learn how to protect your corporate data from exposure, leak and theft caused by employees, whether malicious, negligent or accidental. See how Incydr can give you the visibility, context and control needed to stop valuable data from going to places you don’t trust without slowing the business down.

Meet with a Data Loss Advisor

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Wednesday, August 9 from 1:50pm - 2:40pm
Clea Ostendorf_0008.jpg
Clea Ostendorf

Senior Risk Advisor at Code42

Expertise, Empathy, Enforcement: The Three Building Blocks to Respond to Insider Risk

When building an Insider Risk Management program, don’t make the mistake of just replicating the approach of the Security Operations team. It’s important to understand the distinction between Insider Risk and external threats like malware. Insider Risk requires a spectrum of responses. The SOC response of “block everything” just doesn’t work for Insider Risk, which requires a variety of empathetic responses.

Insider Risk Community Breakfast

Code42 is excited to be a sponsor of the Insider Risk Community’s Breakfast Event!


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