Stop Data Loss from Insiders at Booth #N-5535

Meet with a Data Loss Expert at the Code42 booth to learn how to protect your corporate data from exposure, leak and theft caused by employees, whether malicious, negligent or accidental. See how Incydr can give you the visibility, context and control needed to stop valuable data from going to places you don’t trust without slowing the business down.


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Meet with a Data Risk Expert

Code42 Booth Theater | Live Demos & Sessions Daily!

Swing by the Code42 booth for live demos and sessions by our Experts, Partners, and Customers.

Learn from Customers and Partners

Hear from our customers and partners how they've been able to stop data loss from insiders.

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Tuesday, April 25
Time Details
11:15 AM CrowdStrike
3:30 PM Tines
4:30 PM CyberArk
Wednesday, April 26
Time Details
11:15 AM CrowdStrike
3:00 PM Tines
3:30 PM CyberArk

See the Product

Live demos happening all day at the booth - our product and solution experts are there to answer your questions and show you how to:

Detect data exfiltration

  • All data types and sources, including source code, customer lists, and other important IP
  • All vectors, including airdrop, git pushes, browser uploads
  • All users, including high risk employees and contractors

Prioritize the most risky events

  • See how to set Insider Risk Indicators
  • Understand our Trust Model
  • Report out on risk

Respond effectively

  • Automated reduction of accidental risk
  • Easy investigation and case management
  • In-line Blocking and controls of unacceptable activities

Collaboration Without Data Loss: Keep Your IP From Leaking to Competitors

Wednesday, April 26 from 1:15 pm - 2:05 pm

Don’t miss our Partner Perspective Track Session with Code42 President and CEO Joe Payne.

Joe Payne

Code42 President & CEO

Session Overview

Economic uncertainty has led to workforce volatility. A lack of confidence in job security means that many employees are taking action to protect themselves - gaining the competitive edge by downloading IP, customers lists, sales strategy. Code42 will discuss how the only effective way to protect valuable data is with an Insider Risk Management program that addresses the full spectrum of risk.

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