The modern workforce is on the hunt for tools that help them get stuff done. When the technology provided by the organization fails to deliver the tools they need, it’s pretty easy for workers to find an app that will. Productive employees turn to cloud-based, drag and “drop box” tools that seem ideal for delivering content to the right people on any device.

There is, however, a problem with these convenient (but rogue) tools. Although they do a great job of fulfilling the immediate need, they expose the enterprise to the possibility of data breaches, leakage, and viruses. Security concerns common to free file-sharing services include:

  • Password thefts from the service itself
  • Security loopholes that allow public access to files for hours at a time
  • Theft of login credentials from a mobile device

Loss or exposure of proprietary information can have devastating consequences for a business. But how does an enterprise protect itself when the culture of the mobile workforce is to resist top-down, policy-driven security practices?

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Solving the Online File-Sharing Problem: Replacing Rogue Tools with the Right Tools