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Arek Sokol, Senior Mac engineer, Genentech/Roche

Let’s face it, users store business data on laptops and desktops, even if they’re not supposed to. And mission-critical data–including sensitive, executive-level information–exists exclusively on these endpoint devices. 

Apple-ization of the Enterprise

Straight from the IT trenches, this educational series provides immediately useful tips, tricks and checklists for tackling Apple-ization and the related challenges of IT consumerization and BYOD.

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Endpoint Backup & Restore: Protect Everyone, Everywhere


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IT organizations unprepared to provide easy-to-use, easy-to-administer, cross-platform endpoint backup and restore are at risk for needless data loss and IT management nightmares. 

Luckily, there's a way you can quickly and easily protect endpoint data. Hear Arek Sokol from the bleeding-edge IT team at Genentech/Roche explain how he leverages cross-platform enterprise endpoint backup in the public cloud as part of his company’s global, “100% virtual” strategy. 

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