The ability to view, manage and report on unstructured server and endpoint data in real-time gives organizations what they need to further adhere to data governance requirements and compliance initiatives. Code42’s integration with Splunk Enterprise provides additional functionality in server and endpoint data monitoring, reporting and analytics.

With CrashPlan and Splunk Enterprise, IT departments can track resource-utilization details, plan for future storage capacity needs and create custom security monitoring and auditing reports of endpoint data in a single interface.

Code42 API and Splunk Enterprise provide: 

  • A single interface for corporate, server and Code42 data and reporting
  • Leverage server log and Code42 data for granular reporting and analytics
  • Visibility into data to aid e-discovery efforts
  • Additional data insights to close compliance gaps
  • Robust application and user management functionality
  • Performance and reliability monitoring
  • The ability to plan for capacity
  • Data tracking for security audits

Extend the visibility and control of endpoint data with Splunk Enterprise

Data Monitoring & Custom Reporting