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Paul Glen, Speaker and Author, Leading Geeks

You already know this. First impressions can make or break. And as an IT pro delivering unfamiliar technologies to a non-technical audience, you’re expected to ensure users actually use the technology. But if at first glance users are confused, they may not be as eager to jump on the adoption bandwagon.

Sound familiar?

So how can you successfully deploy a new technology and ensure users are on board?

In this on-demand webinar, Paul Glen, author of "The Geek Leader’s Handbook," delves into the interpersonal issues IT faces when implementing a new technology and shares how user adoption is the key to a successful deployment.

Apple-ization of the Enterprise

Straight from the IT trenches, this educational series provides immediately useful tips, tricks and checklists for tackling Apple-ization and the related challenges of IT consumerization and BYOD.

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How to Drive User Adoption in New Technology Deployment

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