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Paul Glen, Speaker and Author, Leading Geeks

Is this your story?

Your CIO has mandated a company-wide, technical initiative and dubbed you the project lead. You’ve done due diligence by determining desired project outcomes, budget and technical specs, and may be on your way to RFP development with Purchasing.

You’ve unearthed the right and wrong answers by connecting with your industry peers; you’ve followed up on recommendations via thought leaders, vendor literature and demonstrations; and you’re ready to pitch the right solution to your leadership team.  

Engaging non-technical users and decision-makers is often the hardest part of the process—because a lot can get lost in translation.

Get ready to rewrite the ending.

Watch this on-demand webinar with Paul Glen, author of "Leading Geeks," to learn how to effectively introduce technical initiatives to non-technical users (executives and business units) and ensure your proposal isn’t derailed in the process.

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