The number of current PC data migrations projects is at an all-time high due to end of support for Windows XP and the introduction of new operating systems. The result? Yet another daunting and time-consuming effort for enterprise IT—especially within global organizations with thousands of endpoints to protect and manage.

Join featured presenter Rachel Dines from Forrester Research Inc. and Code42 to explore ways endpoint backup dramatically eases the pain of XP data migration projects. Plus, learn the latest on:

  • Adoption trends of endpoint backup tools, both off- and on-premises
  • Drivers of user adoption, including data migration, that enable and protect your knowledge workers anytime, anywhere
  • Key requirements for endpoint backup solutions assisting data migration

About the presenters:

Ease the Pain of PC Data Migration with Endpoint Backup

Featured presenter: Rachel Dines—Senior Analyst, Forrester

Rachel A. Dines is a senior analyst serving Infrastructure & Operations Professionals at Forrester. Her research focus is on IT continuity and disaster recovery services and technologies, next-generation high availability and backup, and data center strategies. Additionally, Rachel conducts research on infrastructure and operations metrics.

Rob Pell—Principal Architect, Code42

Rob Pell is a principal architect for the eastern region of the US at Code42, and a 14 year veteran of the storage and data protection industry. While at Code42, he’s written papers on deduplication, Code42 Managed Private Clouds, protecting data in EDU environments and scalable architectures.

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