Original Date: December 17, 2013

You know they’re out there – the “rogue” consumer backup and file sync/share apps that quietly exist inside your business, without IT’s consent or knowledge. According to a recent ESG survey, 70% of IT admins know or strongly believe that individuals or business groups are using unapproved solutions. 

Much like a train with square wheels or a “Charlie-in-the-box,” these apps can be no fun for IT admins – they introduce risk and are highly difficult to manage at a corporate level. So, what do you do with these misfits?
It’s time to give users what they want AND bring joy to IT with endpoint backup and file sync/share technologies that wrap user-friendliness with business-readiness. 

Join us for a brief webinar as Code42 shares CrashPlan and SharePlan can:

  • Secure corporate data
  • Enable collaboration
  • Reduce IT burden

If your team is ready to replace rogue with business-ready while fulfilling user wish lists, watch the webinar today!  

The Island of Misfit Apps: Dropping Rogue Solutions for
Business-Ready Endpoint Backup and File Sync/Share

CODE 42 Webinar