Watch ESG Senior Analyst Terri McClure and Code42 as we look into the rising influence and purchasing power of the non-IT buyer, and how this “shadow IT” trend manifests itself in rogue online file sharing and collaboration usage. 

As more organizations implement BYOD policies and consumer devices continue to make their way into the workplace, knowledge workers are increasingly making IT purchasing decisions. A prime example is file sync and share, a technology growing in popularity and with many of the software selections/purchasing decisions coming out of lines of business. However, much of the time, these non-IT buyers lack the necessary training and insight to evaluate solutions on data governance, regulatory compliance, data protection and security, and overall enterprise-readiness. 

To mitigate the potential risk of mission-critical corporate data on devices with non-IT-approved software, IT must approach the software purchase differently. Instead of trying to control the process, IT should help guide and assist. Recognizing that coercive attempts to restrict knowledge worker purchases will only result in more inventive ways to circumvent the rules, IT should position itself as a partner with specific expertise that the knowledge worker buyer can leverage.  

In this webinar, ESG Senior Analyst Terri McClure discusses how online file sharing and collaboration software has empowered the non-IT buyer and influenced IT purchasing decisions. She also covers how IT can rein in this trend and shift its role from technology provider to technology advisor, ensuring that corporate governance and compliance are maintained. 

You’ll also hear from Nick Sweere, product marketing manager for Code42 as he discusses how the growing importance of edge devices and enterprise data security requirements influence product development for Code42. Nick will uncover five guiding principles that underpin enterprise file sync and share to satisfy the lines of business and keep the enterprise in control.  

Rein It In: A New Role for IT in Enterprise File Sync & Share

Terri McClure Senior Analyst, ESG

ESG Senior Analyst Terri McClure focuses on network attached storage, file systems, unified storage, cloud storage, and online file sharing and collaboration solutions. Since joining ESG, she has become a much-sought-after analyst in the storage space. Terri brings more than 20 years of data storage industry experience to her role. 

CODE 42 Webinar

Nick Sweere — Manager of Product Marketing, Code42

Nick has held numerous positions within the technology space since 2006. Currently, he manages Code42's secure enterprise sync/share solution – SharePlan. Prior to Code42, Nick led core applications, integrations, and sales enablement for Dell Inc.'s enterprise storage solutions.

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