Coping with the Five Stages of Enterprise Endpoint Backup Grief

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Denial, complacency, bargaining, depression and acceptance. If you've ever felt the pain of lost data, then you are keenly aware of these stages. Corporate data loss and leakage are top concerns for C-level executives everywhere. A 2012 Ponemon Institute study found that 90 percent of organizations experienced the leakage or loss of sensitive or confidential documents over the past 12-month period. 

A large amount of mission-critical data exists exclusively on laptops and desktops—i.e. "endpoints"—making them them a primary source of unnecessary (and often unrecognized) data loss risk for today's organizations. Through helping thousands of top brands around the world properly manage and protect the critical corporate data on their endpoints, Code42 identified the five common stages of "enterprise endpoint backup grief." 

In which stage is your organization? 

About the presenter

Jason Buffington—ESG

Jason Buffington focuses primarily on data protection, along with Windows Server infrastructure, management and virtualization. He has actively deployed or consulted on data protection and storage solutions for more than 20 years. 

Prior to joining ESG, Jason was a Microsoft senior technical product manager for its System Center Operations Manager and Data Protection Manager, along with Windows Server 2008/R2 file/storage features.