Webinar: Danger Ahead: Why File Sync is Not Endpoint Backup

When: Tuesday, June 18, 2013, 1:00 p.m. Central

Some cloud-based file sync vendors tout their solutions as viable alternatives for the online backup of business information stored on laptops and desktops. But existing sync products lack a variety of critical backup capabilities, including those required to secure enterprise data. Understanding the differences between cloud-based sync and cloud-based endpoint backup is critical to properly protecting sensitive business information.

Join Code 42 Software for this 45-minute webinar as we define cloud-based sync and cloud-based endpoint backup, and provide recommendations for which solution type best meets your data needs. 

Danger Ahead:
Why File Sync is Not Endpoint Backup

About the presenter:
Andrew Renz, a principal enterprise architect for Code 42 Software, will speak from his experience selecting and deploying global backup and disaster recovery solutions for the Fortune 500, including Apple, Oracle, Expedia and Intuit.

Prior to Code 42, Andrew spent six years at Apple IS&T where he architected global NetBoot/NetInstall deployments, software distribution solutions and desktop backup solutions.