Cloud-based enterprise backup solutions offer a plethora of benefits. Yet many companies face an uphill battle when it comes to using cloud-based solutions to secure critical business information. Whether due to data security concerns or strict compliance requirements, a standard, public cloud-based approach isn’t always feasible. But there are ways to reap the benefits of cloud-based backup while abiding by corporate security and/or compliance mandates.

Join Code 42 Software/CrashPlan PROe Principal Enterprise Engineer Andrew Renz as he outlines how companies can leverage public and private cloud backup strategies to confidently protect enterprise information. 

Endpoint Backup - Public or Private?

Code42 Webinar

Andrew will share wisdom gained from his experience selecting and/or deploying enterprise backup solutions for Apple, Oracle, Expedia and Intuit. Prior to Code 42, Andrew spent six years at Apple IS&T where he architected global NetBoot/NetInstall deployments, software distribution solutions and desktop backup solutions.

Andrew Renz—Code42 Principal Achitect